Called a ureter. Prescription needed viagra australia Urine leaves the bladder through a shorter tube (the urethra). canadian generic viagra online The wall of the bladder has layers of tissue: inner layer: the inner layer of tissue is also called the lining. As your bladder fills up with urine, the transitional cells on the surface stretch. order generic viagra online When you empty your bladder, these cells shrink. how or when to use viagra 100mg Middle layer: the middle layer is muscle tissue. When you empty your bladder, the muscle layer in the bladder wall squeezes the urine out of your body. take viagra yahoo Outer layer: the outer layer covers the bladder. viagra effects on women wiki It has fat, fibrous tissue, and blood vessels. This picture shows the bladder and nearby organs in a man. This picture shows the bladder and nearby organs in a woman. Cancer cells cancer begins in cells, the building blocks that make up tissues. cheapest generic super viagra Tissues make up the bladder and the other organs of the body. viagra versus viagra viagra Normal cells grow and divide to form new cells as the body needs them. viagra generic buy online When normal cells grow old or get damaged, they die, and new cells take their place. Sometimes, this process goes wrong. buy cheap viagra New cells form when the body doesn’t need them, and old or damaged cells don’t die as they should. how or when to use viagra 100mg The buildup of extra cells often forms a mass of tissue called a growth or tumor. Viagra 2.5 mg canada Tumors in the bladder can be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer). Benign tumors are not as harmful as malignant tumors: benign tumors: are usually not a threat to life can be treated or removed and usually don’t grow back don’t invade the tissues around them don’t spread to other parts of the body malignant growths: may be a threat to life usually can be removed but can grow back can invade and damage nearby tissues and organs (such as the prostate in a man, or the uterus or vagina in a woman) can spread to other parts of the body bladder cancer cells can spread by breaking away from the original tumor. They can spread through the blood vessels to the liver, lungs, and bones. viagra bph treatment In addition, bladder cancer cells can spread through lymph vessels to nearby lymph nodes. viagra for sale cheap After spreading, the cancer cells may attach to other tissues and grow to form new tumors that may damage those tissues. Viagra kanye west See the staging section for information about bladder cancer that has spread. buy generic viagra Risk factors when you get a diagnosis of bladder cancer, it’s natural to wonder what may have caused the disease. Doctors can’t always exp. how or when to use viagra 100mg cheapest viagra online can i take 40mg viagra